Devil Tattoos Designs For girls&boys

Devil Tattoos Designs For girls&boys tattoo designs are some of the top choices of most tattoo lovers , and offer an impeccable mix of art and meaning. For many, the design is the true symbol of hope, spirit and truth, representing a beacon of light when one is engulfed by darkness. There is no one particular story to the star tat design and each form has an explicit meaning attached to it. But essentially, the star, recognized by its nocturnal nature symbolizes the constant struggle against the unknown and the darkness.Here are a few of the most popular star tattoo designs:
The Pentagram is the popular five-pointed star, which alternates in meaning with just a change in position. A Pentagram which faces downward is considered to represent the devil, and mimics the head of a Ram. There is a powerful streak attached to this star tat design, and based on the Celtic Lore, it represents a potent combination of balance and protection, accompanied by the fifth, and the most essential, element – Spirit.The Star of David is essentially a Jewish identity, but is also a universally popular idea among star tat designs. Also known as the ‘Shield of David’, the concept is derived from the popular legend of Davids’ victory over Goliath. When portrayed as a Creators’ Star, the symbol becomes closely related to the Sabbath.
The star with the seven points, also known as the Septagram, is also what many tattoo lovers seek from among star tattoo designs. Astrologically oriented in the representation of the seven planets, as well as embroiled in the concept of the Hindu chakras, this star design exudes mystique and signs of integration.The Octogram and the Nonogram are also popular star tattoo designs, each indicating and symbolizing a charm and legend of its own.