Latest Hollywood Celebrity Kim Kardashian Tattoos

Kim Kardashian, girlfriend of club players, "New Orleans Saints' Reggae Bush made his first tattoo. Now on the left hand girls decorate some rust-colored flowers. The initiator of tattoo was her younger brother, Rob, who brought her to the salon.
"I took it and joked about the tattoo, and she took everything seriously," - said Rob Kardashian. That's how he greeted his sister with the international day of laughter. Tattoo looks very nice, but it is quite large, so live with it. Maybe Kim has come to its senses. While the tattoo is much more difficult to withdraw.

"I had never had tattoos. I have nothing against it, but I worry that one day I may get bored with it. Erase it is more difficult than to wash a T-shirt. Still, I'm sure some tattoo does not hurt "- quoted Kim anythinghollywood.

Of course, the tattoo could not hurt. Recall at least Angelina Jolie or David Beckham, who soon will be left of free space on the body.