Girls Star Tattoos pictures

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Girls Star tattoos pictures
Among the many tattoo designs available, the star tattoo designs are the most common and widely used by both men and women star tattoos. They might seem monotonous and boring to some but not to those who understand the significance of these tattoos. Depending on the number of points, star sign tattoos have different star tattoos meanings. The orientation of the stars also signifies whether it is a good or an evil sign. The stars can be drawn in different styles with or without colors. Your personality will also be defined by the type of star tattoo on your skin.

Let’s start with the Pentagram star tattoo. This tattoo has a deep meaning to it and it is a 5-pointed star. The five points represent the five elements which are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. It also symbolizes faith, health, mathematical perfection and celestial sky.
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Next is the girl’s moon star tattoo. This tattoo represents the sky during the night and it is also a combination of the moon and the star. Compared to other star tattoos ideas, have little symbolic meaning to it but they are very beautiful.